Build An App People Will Use Longer Than A Day Or Two

An all-encompassing guide to creating successful apps



What does it take to create successful mobile apps?

Hint: it's more than slick design and concise code, though, that's as far as many people get. We're going to take you through the process from start to finish and show you what separates the apps that people use from the apps they don't.

This book is designed to be both a step-by-step guide to creating new apps, as well as a reference guide to use at any particular step if you already have an app underway.

Having a thorough understanding of all the components involved in building a successful app will allow you and your team to stay aligned, communicate efficiently, create a better experience for your audience, and ultimately deliver a more profitable product.



"I launched my first app with moderate success. After receiving an early version of the sample book I quickly discovered many areas I can greatly improve. I can't wait until the full release!"

Casey Brown - Baseline Creative



What You'll Learn


Too often people have a great idea for an app but it's never built because the process of successfully creating and launching an app is overwhelming. Worse yet, people may spend their precious time and hard-earned cash building it, and after the launch they sit back and wait for sales that never come.

Clearly, there's a lot more to creating an app than design and code, but what? That's exactly what you will learn in this book (don't worry, we'll cover design and code too). Packed with hands-on knowledge from ourselves as well as other several industry experts, we're going to fill in the gaps with you to take your idea or product to the next level.

With The Bootstrapper's Guide to Creating Apps you'll learn:

  • What makes certain apps more successful than others
  • Why you need to start marketing before you have a product
  • How to use analytics to inform design and marketing decisions
  • How to determine if there's a market for your app
  • If the final project deliverable will justify the project costs
  • Ways to increase the growth of your app after launch


What to Expect

The Book

A 100+ page professionally designed ebook will be delivered as a PDF, perfect to read on your desktop or tablet.


Expert Interviews

We talk with industry experts from Google and Instagram to discuss best practices and learn from their experiences.


Video Tutorials

We created video tutorials that cover useful tools for prototyping, analytics, as well as how to setup app store accounts and more.

Detailed Case Study

A full case study of the most popular app for the Phoenix Light Rail - Find My Train, covering everything from inception to today.


Template Files 

We've compiled several of our most used templates for your use, including templates for wireframes and app submission screens.


Sample User Interviews

Talking directly to potential users helps ensure you'll meet their needs. Sample interviews help ensure you'll ask them the right questions.



About the Authors


Adam Mann

Adam is a design director and partner in multiple startups based in sunny Phoenix, AZ. With a design career originally focused on branding and web design, his venture into apps began in 2013 with the release of Find My Train, known for its innovative user interface. He has spoken about apps at Startup Week, and writes about apps and creative life on his portfolio.

Originally a Michigan native, Adam makes sure to take advantage of the great weather in Arizona, spending much of his time away from the computer hiking, camping and exploring

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Kirk Morales

Kirk is an expert at building market-ready SaaS products and businesses from scratch and integrating business/marketing strategy with technology. With experience in a variety of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500, private and public sector, Kirk understands the needs of various markets and how to build products and businesses to support them. Kirk exited his first startup in 2016, is a 500 startups alumnus, and has previous experience with various startups, American Express, and the National Security Agency.

In his free time, Kirk loves advising and mentoring other startups, traveling, and a range of fitness activities, including Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, and hiking.

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