Kat Moore
Short Leash

"My husband and I own Short Leash Hotdogs and began working with Adam this last year. We are overwhelmed with the talent, consistency, responsiveness and punctuality of Adam Mann. We had gone through several designers that just did not get our branding vision for our company. When we first met with Adam I was a little skeptical because he seemed so young, I thought no way will he get what we are trying to say. I was blown away that not only was he very attentive and asked all the right questions, but that he got it on the first draft. He REALLY got it, a tight consistent package for our branding that has helped take our business to the next level. My favorite thing is that I never have to ask him for things, which I find I have had to do with most designers. He delivers on time and the right price and always very professionally. I recommend him to everyone.  Anyone that has used him has reported to us that they are equally impressed with everything about his services. Adam Mann just 'gets it'!"

Carla Sandine
Highway Twenty

"Adam is the best designer I have ever worked with. He is the type of designer you hand a project off to, and when he delivers, it's so perfect you wonder how he read your mind. He has a deep understanding of usability and follows user experience best practices. Beyond his design skills--driven by his natural artistic talent--Adam is easy to work with, reliable, and completely trustworthy."

Craig Labenz 
Penny Sniper

"Hiring Adam Mann as the designer for any project sets it up with a foundation for success. Whenever I demoed a beta version of my web application, viewers without exception commented on how much better my product looked than the competition. Adam's designs are clean, modern, and ooze professionalism. His email replies and actual wireframe or mock up deliveries are always prompt, all while integrating suggestions and any visions you may have. But Adam also delivers when given little direction and asked to 'express himself'. My experience with Adam Mann is best summarized by one sentiment: he'll be my next designer, too"

Margaree Bigler
Devour Phoenix

"Working with Adam has been one of the best experiences with graphic designers we have ever had. He grasped the ideas/themes we had and ran with them, creating some very effective marketing materials for our organization. Adam was professional and adaptable and his aesthetic was spot on for each project. The turn around time was incredibly quick and the work exceeded our expectations by far. We highly recommend him and we will definitely be back for more!"