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This is more for me than you. It's good to reflect on the accomplishments and setbacks throughout the year, and be intentional about where I want to be and how I want to grow over the next year.

What Went Well


  • Mental well-being
    I continued with counseling and acupuncture through the entire year. Acupuncture not very regularly, but counseling I'd hardly missed a session. I go every other week. Counseling may have a bit of a bad wrap, but I love it, and think everybody would greatly benefit from it. It has been a big help in learning how to stay true to myself, handle difficult situations, and be the best me possible. I've also been somewhat successful in keeping up with meditation which helps with my general anxiety and depression.
  • Physical
    I started the year on a solid regiment for physical exercise. That changed just a few months into the year, due to a double hernia. More on that in "What Could Have Went Better".


  • Cabo San Lucas
    Another family trip to Mexico with the sisters, brother-in-laws, nephews, and parents. Like our trip to Puerta Vallarta a couple of years ago, this trip will be treasured for a long time. Spending a full week in paradise with the family is one of the greatest gifts I could ever ask for.
  • Denver
    My friends Jon and Courtney got married in Denver this year. It was my first trip to the city and enjoyed every minute. It was my first trip with Jenny and it was lovely. The wedding was gorgeous, and I even got to see my old neighbors Maggie and Piers from Phoenix, who moved there the year prior.
  • Minnesota
    This was my first time visiting Minnesota, and it was to meet Jenny's family. I had an incredible time. Her family was extremely welcoming, friendly, and made me feel right at home. Her grandfather and sister in particular are hilarious, and it was great getting to meet everybody.
  • Michigan
    As usual, I spent a week in Michigan visiting the family and some old friends. Jenny came along and we spent the night checking out the bar seen in downtown Detroit with Drew, my sister and Andrew. The city has changed so much since I lived there! Then we spent 4 days up north with the extended family as we all rented out cabins on Lake Huron. Amazing quality time.
  • Lynx Lake
    I took Jenny on her first ever camping trip. Glamping might be the more appropriate term (glamorous camping). We had a 5 person tent for the two of us and our two dogs, as well as a blow up mattress. The weather was perfect. I'm unbelievable jealous that while I was out trying to get photos of a bald eagle, Jenny had a lynx walk right by her at camp!
  • Chiricahua
    A bunch of great friends went on a camping trip to the Chiricahua's in southeast Arizona, known for beautiful rock formations. It was even more impressive in person. The formations were unlike anything I've ever seen before. Jenny let me bring her camera and I spent half a day out on my own trying to get some bird photographs. I also managed to get within a few feet of a couple fawns, nearly step on a rattlesnake (finally found one!).


  • Freelance
    In my 2014 Review, I briefly wrote about having done a lot of reflecting on where my discontent has come from regarding work. What I decided, but didn't write about, was that I believe the time had arrived for me to stop freelancing. I missed collaboration and working with a team, but didn't want to get a normal 9-5 with a boss and limiting schedule. I ultimately decided that I was going to try and stop freelancing by the end of 2015.
  • Hopscratch
    The answer to the previous conundrum was Hopscratch. Launched in May with myself as a co-founder, we have an amazing team of talented individuals that have set out to help serve entrepreneurs on their journeys. It has been an exciting year for us and I'm constantly blown away with the talent on the team. 
  • Truce
    Truce has grown over 40% the past year, and while it's not quite the jump we were hoping for, we're still very happy with the progress! We had several great trade show and festival showings, introduced a new Laundry Powder, and expanded the team (huge thanks to Jessica, Hana and Kyle). We have big plans for the next year.

What Could Have Gone Better


  • Hernia
    I have a tendency to be a perfectionist. If I don't think something is my best, it never sees the light of day. I need to become better at failing and putting myself out there. It's important to strive for progress not perfection.
  • Exercise
    Since the hernia repair took about 8 months to happen because of crappy insurance, that's at least 8 months I couldn't go to the gym. Figure another couple months of recovery, and you're looking at 10 months without any intense exercise. To add insult to injury, before I could even get back in the gym...
  • Kidney stones
    What the hell! Just a couple of months after hernia surgery, I was back in the hospital, this time for kidney stones. As I write this I can feel the pain in my side fairly intensely. I pray these things pass quickly!


One in particular, actually. After having an exciting first year with Jenny and moving in together, our relationship ultimately wasn't successful. We split up near the end of the year, and I moved out over Christmas due to some unexpected circumstances. It was extremely difficult, and I'm sure it was continue to hurt for a while. Ultimately, I know it is for the best and I have a very positive attitude. I have learned a lot with the nearly year and half we were together, and look forward to applying it to future relationships.

Looking Forward to 2016

Aside from being grateful for what I've accomplished this past year, this section is probably the most important. Having written out so much, it's hard to disagree that I have it pretty great. Even while not being at the level I could be financially, I'm still very fortunate to have experienced a lot this year. Naturally there are some areas to improve, and I'm excited to work on those this coming year.


  • Truce
    This is going to be a year of big changes for Truce. We can barely keep up with production in house, and are looking to move production to a co-packing facility. This will greatly alleviate a lot of time and pressure from the team, and free us up for other tasks. We have several more Trade Shows booked as well as new business strategies to implement. We will also be launching an exciting makeover for the website.
  • Hopscratch
    This will be the first full calendar year for Hopscratch as a company. We're going to begin raising, hiring, expanding, and making some serious headway in our goal to play a part in every entrepreneurs story. 


  • Personal growth has been a priority for me the past several years. The books I read, the blogs I follow, many of them are focused on improvement of the self. It can be easy to get carried away and nitpick yourself to death, so become more content with who I am as a person and focusing on my positive traits takes work. I've encountered some difficult situations this year, and am very proud of the way I've been able to handle them.
  • I'm excited to finally get back to with regular exercise (as soon as the kidney stones pass)! I want to get back to yoga and the gym. I'll also be continuing acupuncture and counseling.


  • I had plans to visit Austin and Zion this year, but those are going to have to wait because of a new adventure that has taken precedence. Turns out, I'll be traveling abroad for a year (crazy and exciting!), and I'll write a dedicated post about that next week.


That's it for this post, thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say. Reach me anytime at simplyadammmann@gmail.com