Stretch 20 Minutes a Day

For February, my New Month's Resolution was to stretch for 20 minutes a day. Just as it played out with the previous resolution of writing 500 words a day, I certainly could have improved on this one. All said and done, I missed about a weeks worth of stretching. That's still a solid three weeks of consistently stretching every single day.

So what did I learn? Not as much as I had hoped for. The reason I chose this resolution was I work on a computer for the better part of every day. I have some mild back pain, but worse is my neck pain. I was hoping that stretching consistently would help loosen my neck muscles and improve the pain. Didn't happen. 

I'm sure there are plenty of benefits from this resolution that aren't immediately obvious. There's plenty of studies out there that prove the benefits of stretching, particularly yoga since practice tends to be around 60-90 minutes long. Stress relief, anxiety relief, flexibility, your body releasing toxins... the benefits are real. They're just not slap-you-across-the-face real. The real benefits pay off long term, much like eating healthy. If you eat well for a month it's not going to be a miracle cure, but consistently eating well for years on end will have a dramatic affect on your overall health and happiness.

I'm going to continue to stretch. With any luck, continued practice will help my body in ways I don't recognize right away. I already do yoga once a week, and that's because it's something I simply enjoy doing. It feels good to let go of the day's stresses and just focus on me for an hour. 

Check back next month to see if I manage to survive a month without social media.