2014 Review

I was inspired to do this by Nathan Barry. I have found his work inspiring because he's able to accomplish so much while also being a husband and father. Just like Nathan's post, this post is written mostly for myself, but thought I'd share it anyways as a peak into my life outside of just design. It's important for people to see more than just Facebook highlights. Let's dive right in.

What Went Well


  • Consistent Exercise
    This has been the first year where going to the gym has remained fairly constant. Naturally there has been a few weeks where I've completely slacked off (particularly during and after vacations), but I have formed a solid habit of exercising regularly. By regularly I don't mean every day like a gym rat, but 3 to 4 times a week.

  • Eating Well
    This isn't new, but it has continued throughout the year. Health is wealth.

  • Yoga
    I've been able to consistently do yoga every Wednesday evening. I'd enjoy doing it more, but it's a big time commitment when I'm already busy doing a lot for my health.

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