New Month's Resolutions

In my 2014 Review I mentioned how excited I was about the new year. I covered a few things like work, travel and personal growth. What is the most popular time of the year to focus on personal growth? The first day of the new year. That's in a couple of days - how convenient.

This year I wanted to do something different. Instead of a typical New Year's Resolution (let's be honest, who can actually keep a resolution for an entire year anyway), I decided I will give myself "New Month's Resolutions" instead. 

Each month of 2015 I will have a new resolution to uphold for that month. I figure one month is plenty of time to evaluate if my chosen resolution is something that could realistically become a habit, and more importantly, decide if it's something I even want to become a habit.

For the first month I will be writing 500 words a day. It doesn't matter what I write about. I could write an article for my website, a personal journal about something I've been struggling with, or maybe even an endless stream of incoherent words. What I write is besides the point. This is about experimentation, growth and learning about myself. I chose writing as my first month's resolution because it will help with a new book I'm working on. The more I write, the more my writing will improve.

I'll be writing a review at the end of each month to summarize the good and the bad, as well as what I have learned. On to the first month...


January's resolution: Write 500 Words a Day
February's resolution: Stretch 20 Minutes a Day