About Chassi

Turning your new customers into successful long-term customers is hard. It doesn’t happen on its own; it’s a process that must be deliberately engineered. To create an experience that keeps customers coming back for more, week after week, year after year, businesses need a new approach. Chassi offers a business philosophy underpinned by a technology platform to do so.

My Role

Director of Design

Design strategy
UX & UI design
Marketing design


We needed a design system that was not only professional, friendly, and trustworthy, but also fast to implement while creating new materials. Focusing on a one-color system with large blocks of color and imagery fit the bill. The iconography style was chosen for its simplicity and speed to modify. The logo is bold and sturdy to instill confidence.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.00.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.00.46 AM.png

Interface Design

The entire Chassi platform is an incredibly ambitious undertaking. The platform is a tightly integrated series of 5 products, that, together, create a flexible application core so our customers can easily modify customer lifecycles, subscription plans, feature-level access control, and pricing offers, with full visibility into their customers. For comparison, our initial product offering consisted of only 1 of those products, and took two years of development.

Working closely with the company CTO, over 500 screens were designed to be developed, with countless hours of feedback and iteration. In the end, a fully functional prototype was created for the development team to execute on. Naturally, during development we would continue to improve the product through collaborative work sessions, and now, improvements based on user feedback.


Marketing Website

Thus far our marketing efforts have been limited. A platform of this size must be thoroughly tested before opening the flood gates. We do have a basic marketing website available, but signups are taken on a one-by-one basis to ensure each customer gets the most out of the platform as we continue building and iterating on the product.

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