Phoenix Valley Metro Light Rail App Find My Train by Simply Adam Mann in Arizona

With just one tap, Find My Train tells you when the nearest Valley Metro Light Rail train is scheduled to arrive.

If you ride the train in Phoenix, this app is for you.



iTunes Reviews

"This is a fantastic app for Phoenix metro residents. Nice, simple and clean UI. This will be super handy for me. Keep up the good work!"

Jordan Sussman

"This is a great app that allows you to know when the train is coming and ensures you're on time! This is a 'must-download' for the light rail commuters"


"This app is such an amazing invention. I even gifted it to a friend. A definite MUST for light rail riders both frequent and casual alike. Props guys!"





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Adam Mann decided last minute to attend Startup Weekend Phoenix. As he heard people pitch ideas for the next great iPhone app, Adam was reminded of an idea himself: he hated waiting for the Phoenix Light Rail. Even worse, he hated barely missing the Phoenix Light Rail.

While he didn’t intend to pitch an idea that night, Adam did. Of the 51 ideas pitched, Adam’s idea was voted to the top 10. A team formulated around Find My Train. The team worked from Friday night to Sunday evening on a prototype. Of the 12 teams that presented, Find My Train took 2nd place. The team was given awesomely-tacky trophies and was showered with $15,000 worth of prizes. In the course of a weekend, Find My Train was born.

All aboard,
Adam, Al, Brett and Michael




Adam Mann

Creator, Designer, UI

Al Wold


Brett Farmiloe

Social Media, Marketing

Michael Witham

Red Dot