My Role

Co-founder / VP, Design

Design strategy
Product design
Marketing design
Interface design


We needed a design system that was not only professional, friendly, and trustworthy, but also fast to implement while creating new materials. Focusing on a one-color system with large blocks of color and imagery fit the bill. The iconography style was chosen for its simplicity and speed to modify. The logo is bold and sturdy to instill confidence with a subtle curves lending a touch of playfulness.


Interface design

With an extensive web presence and multiple touch points for customers, we split the project into three major components.

Hopscratch HQ

Each customer has access to a personal portal to guide them through the necessary steps to start their business. Here we collect relevant information, keep them updated on our progress, and manage any questions or fulfillment tasks.

Brand Designer

One of the most important—and fun—parts of launching a new business is creating the visual representation of the brand. We designed on online tool allowing customers to build a custom brand based on a template of their choice, without the need to sit down with a designer.

Marketing website

You know the type, a site for people to learn about the services we offer, answer questions, and in this case, learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur. The site was designed from the ground up, all the way through the custom checkout process.



Holding your business cards for the first time is a memorable part in the journey of launching a business, and we wanted to create an equally memorable unboxing experience. We explored every detail in the experience—from a tiny heart on the lid handle to hand-lettered thank you cards.

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