What I do

Since '09, most of my career has been focused on being a freelance designer. During that time, I've taken time away to help launch and partner with several startups in the Phoenix area—namely ChassiTruce, Hopscratch, and Find My Train.

My freelance projects have included a variety of fast-paced, collaborative environments coordinating with marketing, development, and content teams. I've created brands from the ground up, lead team efforts in UX/UI, designed responsive websites and e-commerce stores, built web and application prototypes, and more. 

Currently the Director of Design at Chassi, and in my free time I have been growing my portfolio of wildlife photography.


Visual identity, brand assets, type design, lettering, collateral, marketing materials, brand guidelines

Interface design

Visual design, responsive websites, high-fidelity mockups, UI kits, pattern libraries, icon design, design systems

Experience design

Wireframing, user research, user flows, interactive prototypes, interviews, usability tests


A few things about me

I was born and raised in Michigan

I'm proud to be a midwesterner. I spent the first 24 years of my life in Michigan, and visit family often. I'm appreciative of my formative years and the values the region has instilled in me.

I call the desert home

Phoenix is home now, and I love it here. Living downtown I hardly drive, the community is tight-nit, and the state as a whole is beautiful and asking to be explored.

I have a degree in architecture

After getting my degree, I worked in the field for two years before heading across the country to start over. I still love architecture, but turns out a 9-5 office job wasn't for me.

I want to be car-less, but love cars

I would love to never need to own a car again. But, sometimes I love driving. Not to get from A to B, but rather to take on the track and actually have fun driving. I'm from the motor city after all. 

I traveled the world for a year

I was fortunate enough to travel the world for a year while working remotely. We spent four months in South America, four in Europe, and four in Southeast Asia. Learn about the trip.

I love all things nature

A lover of everything outdoors, I spend much of my time exploring and photographing nature. No cars, no technology, just me and the outdoors—and maybe a few friends.

I am an urban advocate

I favor urban centers over suburban sprawl, where walking is faster than driving. Living in downtown Phoenix, you'll likely find me on a bike, at a coffeehouse, or enjoying an old fashioned.

I have a pet snake, Barry

Barry is a western hognose snake and is named after the HBO series. He’s the cutest little snake on the block, and is full of sass (he’s a born killer, just like the character, if you’ve seen the show).


What others have to say


Carla Sandine
Highway Twenty

"Adam is the best designer I have ever worked with. He is the type of designer you hand a project off to, and when he delivers, it's so perfect you wonder how he read your mind. He has a deep understanding of usability and follows user experience best practices. Beyond his design skills--driven by his natural artistic talent--Adam is easy to work with, reliable, and completely trustworthy."


Margaree Bigler
Devour Phoenix

"Working with Adam has been one of the best experiences with graphic designers we have ever had. He grasped the ideas/themes we had and ran with them, creating some very effective marketing materials for our organization. Adam was professional and adaptable and his aesthetic was spot on for each project. The turn around time was incredibly quick and the work exceeded our expectations by far. We highly recommend him and we will definitely be back for more!"


Craig Labenz 
Penny Sniper

"Adam's designs are clean, modern, and ooze professionalism. His email replies and actual wireframe or mock up deliveries are always prompt, all while integrating suggestions and any visions you may have. But Adam also delivers when given little direction and asked to 'express himself'. My experience with Adam Mann is best summarized by one sentiment: he'll be my next designer, too."



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